Pam Shaffer + Alex Nicholson

Founders Pam Shaffer and Alex Nicholson created Metalalia Media in 2016 following their successful Kickstarter campaign for Metalalia Publishing and Beyond Books. They are the original creative team behind the first stories on Beyond Books, the innovative new multimedia e-reader platform for iOS and web, as well as the project management team that oversees the development of the platform itself. With backgrounds in psychology, music, education and writing,  they possess the creative background needed to sustain a thriving new media endeavor.



Development Team

Adam Schwem is the creator of the iOS version of Beyond Books. 

Kevin Suarez is the backend developer for the web version of Beyond Books. 

Nate Cooper is the front end developer for the web version of Beyond Books.

They are all lovely people who make Beyond Books come to life beyond the confines of our imagination and kitchen table.