Metalalia Publishing houses growing collection of original stories alongside re-imagined traditional fairytales all with their own original score, gorgeous narration, and stunning artwork. Fairytales and myths are such a vital part of our culture and we have made it our mission to craft stories that reflect the diversity of our 21st century world.  We want to tell stories of all kinds. New stories that feel like old ones, old ones that feel like new, stories that you wish you’d heard when you were kids and stories you’re glad that you waited for. As content creators, we understand that we have a responsibility to represent all sorts of people. Fairytales and folktales have always served to give people strength and wisdom to face the tribulations of their daily lives, but often the people suffering the most did not have their stories told. Everyone deserves to feel the same sense of agency and thus one of the core principles of Metalalia Publishing is to tell stories featuring the heroes and heroines that other mediums won’t. Our stories are available exclusively on Beyond Books. Meet our growing list of writers, authors and musicians below.


Featured collaborators and contributors

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Francesca Lia Block, author

Stories include: Handless

Francesca Lia Block is the author of more than twenty-five books of fiction, non-fiction, short stories and poetry. She received the Spectrum Award, the Phoenix Award, the  ALA Rainbow Award and the  2005 Margaret A. Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as other citations from the American Library Association and from the New York Times Book ReviewSchool Library Journal and Publisher’s Weekly. Her work has been translated into Italian, French, German Japanese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Portuguese. Francesca has also published stories, poems, essays and interviews in The Los Angeles TimesThe L.A. Review of BooksSpinNylonBlack Clock and Rattle among others. In addition to writing, she teaches fiction workshops at UCLA ExtensionAntioch University, and privately in Los Angeles where she was born, raised and currently still lives.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Alexander Nicholson, author

Stories include: The Hair Woven Rope, The Wind Up Boy parts 1 and 2, The River Girl, BADWOLF

Coming soon: The Seven Ravens

Alex is a charming writer of the British persuasion. Do not be fooled by his modest and quiet nature. Behind those still waters lie a vast imagination, a voluminous vocabulary and a remarkable facility with words. His accomplishments span from running a theatre company to penning screenplays to teaching English in every corner of the globe. When not scrawling stories on the page, Alex writes for Two Bit Circus and runs some pretty fabulous D&D campaigns in his free time. 

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Pam Shaffer, musician

Stories include: The Hair Woven Rope, The Wind Up Boy parts 1 and 2, The River Girl, BADWOLF, The Thief and the Naiad

Coming soon: The Seven Ravens

A pocket Beethoven, Pam is the fae-touched songstress-skald whose briny brain stands at the helm of Metalalia Publishing. Los Angeles native Pam has an impressive back catalogue of multiple piano based singer songwriter albums and e.p.'s. She is currently releasing music as Nyxe, a space witch singing songs from sunken pirate ships. She loves anything with a keyboard and tiny buttons that she can coax into plays dulcet sounds.


Dame Darcy, Artist

Stories include: Handless

Dame Darcy is an alternative cartoonist, illustrator, writer and musician. Her book, Meat Cake Bible,  was recently featured on NPR.  She has also released several graphic novels including Frightful Fairytales, The Illustrated Jane Eyre and Comic Book Tattoo. She currently has her own Mermaid Tarot Deck, which makes for an adventurous and magical reading. 


Micah Nelson, Artist

Stories include: The Wind Up Boy Part 1

Multi-talented artist Micah Nelson is an artistic force to be reckoned with. When he's not touring with his own band Insects Vs. Robots, he can often be found on tour with his brother Lukas and Neil Young. He is a skillful visual artist and specializes in cymatics, or the art of painting sound through the movement of water.